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Why the Model T Is Called the Tin Lizzie

Despite its initial humble appearance,  the Model T became the most influential car of the 20th century. Priced so that the average American could afford it, the Model T was sold from 1908 until 1927. Many also may know Henry Fords Model T by its nickname, the Tin Lizzie, but you may not know why the Model T is called the Tin Lizzie and how it got its nickname. A 1922 Car Race   In the early 1900s, car dealers would try to create publicity for their new automobiles by hosting car races. In 1922  a championship race was held in Pikes Peak, Colorado. Entered as one of the contestants was Noel Bullock and his Model T, named Old Liz. Since Old Liz looked the worse for wear, as it was unpainted and lacked a hood, many spectators compared Old Liz to a tin can. By the start of the race, the car had the new nickname of Tin Lizzie. But to everyones surprise, Tin Lizzie won the race. Having beaten even the most expensive other cars available at the time, Tin Lizzie proved both the durability and speed of the Model T. Tin Lizzies surprise win was reported in newspapers across the country, leading to the use of the nickname Tin Lizzie for all Model T cars. The car also had a couple of other nicknames—Leaping Lena and flivver—but it was the Tin Lizzie moniker that stuck. Rise to Fame Henry Fords Model T cars opened up the roads for the American middle class. The car was affordable because of Fords simple but ingenious use of the assembly line, which increased productivity. Because of this increase in productivity, the price dropped from $850 in 1908 to less than $300 in 1925. The Model T was named the most influential car of the 20th century as it became a symbol of Americas modernization. Ford built 15 million Model T cars between 1918 and 1927, representing  as much as 40 percent of all car sales in the United States, depending on the year. Black is the color associated with the Tin Lizzie—and that was the only color available from 1913 to 1925—but initially, black was not available. Early buyers had a choice of gray, blue, green, or red. The Model T was available in three styles; all mounted on a 100-inch-wheelbase chassis: The five-seat touring carThe two-seat runaboutThe seven-seat town car   Modern Usage Tin Lizzie is still most associated with the Model T, but the  term is used colloquially  today to describe a small, cheap car that looks like it is in a beat-up condition. But keep in mind that looks can be deceiving.  To go the way of the Tin Lizzie is a phrase that refers to something outdated that has been replaced by a newer and better product, or even a belief or behavior.

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PRESENTATION ON : THE PRACTICE IMPLEMENTATION OF JUST IN TIME INVENTORY (JIT)MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN PROCTER AND GARMBLE LTD. NIGERIA. THE PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES PRESNETED BY : ADEOYE AKEEM ADEGBENGA. CENTRE FOR POSTGRADUATE AND RESEARCH, KULLIYAH OF MAMAULAT, INSANIAH UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. TABLE OF CONTENTS. 1. Executive Summary 2. Company’s background 3. Introduction – JIT 4.0 Findings and Analysis 4.1 Poor implementation/practice 4.2 Problems and challenges 5 Recommendations 6 Conclusions. Executive Summary This study reflects on the implementation and practice of Just In Time (†¦show more content†¦For this, the time taken by the raw material to reach the manufacturing facility from the supplier should be known and secondly, the life of the raw material should be clearly determined beforehand. Once this information is handy, procedures should be formulated to ensure that the raw material arrives just in time, before the production starts so that little or no storage time is needed. Another thing that is needed to properly implement the JIT inventory system is that there should be good coordination between various points of a production process. There should be constant transmission of signals from one point to another regarding the status of production. Due to this clear and constant communication, each point of the manufacturing process will know when to order for inventory and how much to order so that it arrives just in time and in the required quantity. This is where the importance of the system lies. It ensures that there is neither wastage of time during the production process, nor there is any wastage of capital or production capacity, thus leading to faster production. When the production is fast, the finished goods reach the market fast too, thereby reducing the waiting time for the customers. This research focuses on the case study of JIT implementation in a manufacturing company as a means of analyzing the positive and negative aspects of

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Analysis Of The Odyssey - 1971 Words

Shane Nordquist English I Honors per. 4 1/22/16 response 1: The Odyssey, being an epic poem is likely to include several typical examples of personalities we are used to seeing. As epic poems often do, the Odyssey describes the Greek view of many of these core archetypes. Odysseus being demonstrated as the hero shows us the Greek value of heroism through his wonderful feats, and his downfalls, his sheer prowess, but also his flaws. In the Greek society, as in any, it is clearly evident that the hero would be strong, or possess impressive physical ability. Odysseus is on exception, as he performed many feats of physical strength. To cite one specifically, as said by our teacher, Ms. Douglass, Odysseus tieing his men to the underbelly of†¦show more content†¦As well, in chapter nine, Odysseus is able to mislead the cyclops into believing his name is nobody, so that when the cyclops is being attacked, he would shout â€Å"Nobody is killing me!†. This in particular shows that the Greeks valued and praised education an d intelligence. They also valued the ability to be cunning, and to manipulate. Odysseus is more than smart, or driven, he is a great leader. The ancient Greeks, as did every culture valued their leaders, whom were to be treated with the utmost respect, and exalted as if a god on earth. The greeks were no exception, and they valued the position of leadership, and the person worthy of holding such a powerful office. However, Odysseus is a hero not just in his success, but his downfall, not in just his cunning, but his flaws as well. What this shows about Greek culture, is that regardless of the hero’s great ability, and prowess, they do have downfalls, and they do make mistakes. The Greeks were able to see flaws as a normal characteristic, something people did not want or enjoy, but accepted the fact that these downfalls were human nature, and that no one was immune to their deficits, yet they could still be great. To give an example for odysseus’s fatal flaw (arrogance) perhaps one could demonstrate the very scene in which Odysseus truly asserts his intellectual prowess. Odysseus, overwhelmed by his pride, and ability to trick the cyclops, reveals his true name,

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Health Services across Communities-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Barriers and Enablers to Change in Health Service Systems. Answer: Entrenched health services across communities is a major issue in the present era. Conventionally, solutions to issues arising in relation to service delivery are embedded in organisational change. Concepts drawn from change management theory and sustainable change management are to be applied for reforming health systems in the coontemporary era. Most health care systems acknowledge the fact that reorientation is crucial for the betterment of service delivery, and this reorientation has to be based on sustainable ideas and strategies. However, they fail to exhibit the ideal characteristics of change, and do not reorient successfully within the given time frame. A number of reasons contribute to this vital issue that has drawn the attention of health care authoritative figures (Cooke Bartram, 2015). The present paper address the question that why despite being widely acknowledged that health systems and services in industrialised countries are unsustainable and need to change, do th ese systems and services struggle to reorient to become more health promoting. The essay highlights the facilitators and barriers of change in organisations at all levels of system, client and staff. A section of the essay draws information from the Chronic Care model and the six elements. Challenges faced while delivering care services to Aboriginals in Australia are also discussed in a section. The paper ends with a logical conclusion to the complete discussion. Hospitals, often, are found to complain that they simply do not have the resources for improving their services. Health care units would never be in the position to improve and reorient themselves without a better management system. According to Reijula et al., (2016) in all of the debates over how reforms in healthcare system can be brought about, the element that usually is overlooked is management systems. Leaders at hospitals might be working hard for cost cutting and bringing major improvements in the quality of care given to the patients. However, the proper channelling of the initiatives is often lacking. Temas might be striving to do well each day, but the strategies implemented are not in a systematic manner. Systems lack a management system that supports the goals and objectives. Buchbinder and Shanks (2016) in support of this states old-fashioned management practices are no longer applicable in the present times. These conventional strategies are continually undermining th e positive efforts put forward by the teams. The authors further state that the present century healthcare system essentially rests on leadership and its wider applications. In a dearth of appropriate leadership, healthcare quality suffers. Bringing about a change is not that easy without proper leadership and continual flow of this attribute across all levels. Squires and Jacobs (2014) opined that unmet objectives are the prime result of lack of coordination and teamwork among all levels of employees. Effective communication is also a vital issue contributing to this problem. Among the wide range of complex challenges faced by healthcare organisations, communication and collaboration are of utmost importance as care professionals struggle to get in touch with each other communicate the common goals and objectives they work towards fulfilment. Employees have been found to report that they do not have the zeal or urge to communicate effectively with others since it does not provide them with some added advantage as such. The realisation that proper communication can lead to a better service delivery is lacking at all levels, mostly the junior level. The system does not encourage the professionals to fix the issues they have been facing through open communication and exchange of opinions and viewpoints. The importance of communication in a cl ear and transparent manner is often undermined in such cases. Health promotion, therefore, suffers to the extent that no major improvements take place for a long span of time when it is actually needed (Buchbinder Shanks, 2016). Black (2013) explains that clients, meaning the patients, play an important role in bringing about orientation in healthcare systems. Since they are the ones to be served, their feedback and inputs need to be at the core of the change to be brought about. Without taking into consideration their perceptions and complaints nothing much can be achieved. Regular services are a must for highlighting what changes the patients want in the system and how each of them can be addressed. It might not be possible to address all issues at a go, but the initiation would certainly be worthy and fruitful in the long run. Among the different strategies that have been proposed to bring radical reforms in health care systems, the Chronic Care Model is of importance. This is an organisational approach that propagates evidence-based, supportive and practical interactions between a patient and a healthcare team. The model considers six elements that are encouraging to bring changes in care service delivery- the community; the health system; self-management support; delivery system design; decision support, and clinical information systems. All of these elements are known as change concepts that systems can refer to achieving their goals. Change concepts are the elementary principles using which care redesign processes can be guided (Stellefson et al., 2013). Utilisation of this care model is not up-to the level it should have been. Systems must reconsider using this model in future since there is much to explore within this domain. Green et al., (2017) highlights the fact that the community that is being served also has a key role in justifying what organisations face immense challenges in bringing about reforms. One prominent example is the Aboriginal population in Australia, which draws our attention. There is an overall paucity in addressing the issues faced by this population and how they can be solved. The cultural diversity and ethnic backgrounds of this population can change the course of care delivery. Professionals acknowledge that without understanding the background and individual needs of these people, it is impossible to change the care process. Some common challenges faced are language barriers, the difference in cultural views, beliefs in traditional healing systems and values related to gender differences in healthcare. Professionals must not be ignorant towards these attributes if reforms are to be put in place. At the end of the discussion, it can be concluded that bringing transformation in an organisation is certainly not easy, and attempts are to be put forward to understand the areas in which systems need to develop their competencies. It has been pointed out that the problem is not with the employees. They are not provided with the right form of motivation and encouragement needed to bring about change. In addition, perspectives of the patients and healthcare consumers are to be addressed in details for ensuring that reorientation is successful across systems. References Black, N. (2013). Patient reported outcome measures could help transform healthcare.BMJ: British Medical Journal (Online),346. Buchbinder, S. B., Shanks, N. H. (Eds.). (2016).Introduction to health care management. Jones Bartlett Publishers. Cooke, F. L., Bartram, T. (2015). Guest editors introduction: human resource management in health care and elderly care: current challenges and toward a research agenda.Human Resource Management,54(5), 711-735. Green, M., Cunningham, J., OConnell, D., Garvey, G. (2017). Improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer requires a systematic approach to understanding patients experiences of care.Australian Health Review,41(2), 231-233. Reijula, J., Reijula, E., Reijula, K. (2016). Healthcare management challenges in two university hospitals.International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management,15(4), 308-325. Squires, A., Jacobs, E. A. (2014). Language and communication issues in healthcare practice and research: A call for papers.International journal of nursing studies,51(3), 357-358. Stellefson, M., Dipnarine, K., Stopka, C. (2013). Peer reviewed: The chronic care model and diabetes management in US primary care settings: A systematic review.Preventing chronic disease,10.

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Accessibility And Limitations Tourism Essays

Accessibility And Limitations Tourism Essays Accessibility And Limitations Tourism Essay Accessibility And Limitations Tourism Essay The purpose of this work is to try to give an thought of how accessible certain heritage and historical sites in Malta are to senior citizens tourers and besides to place which jobs restrict seniors from sing peculiar sites, and if possible, urge possible suggestions in order to do it more easy accessible for senior citizens. The methodological analysis adopted in this research is the qualitative method utilizing both open-ended and close-ended questionnaires. Data was collected from assorted beginnings including several site visits, interviews with site conservators and staff, and thoughts and suggestions gathered from senior site visitants. Research was carried out on three specific sites St. John s cathedral, The Inquisitor s Palace and Hagar Qim/Mnajdra. Introduction: In Malta, approximately two million tourers have visited museums and historical sites in 2011, which contributed 12.2 million euro to the national economic system. Senior citizens are the 3rd biggest figure of tourer visitants, after grownups and groups, which surely have a great impact on the tourer trials and in the part to this sum. Methodology: We have approached qualitative research methodological analysis to transport out our research. Having considered tourers value of clip and convenience our questionnaires have been made up chiefly by open-ended inquiries. Data aggregation: To hold a dependable, representative and non-biased informations, we have collected our informations from three beginnings. These are: i‚Â · Out mark group, senior visitants i‚Â · Self site visits i‚Â · Sites conservators and staff Due to the seasonality issue, in Malta there are nt many tourers at this clip of the twelvemonth. Therefore, we were small doubting about the informations collected from our mark group, whether informations will be biased or non as they are really few in Numberss. As a consequence for farther information we have visited the sites ourselves and interviewed the sites curator and/or staff. After speaking to the conservators and from our ain experiences, we found that informations of our mark group was rather dependable. In add-on, we did nt measure our informations from statistical point of position as our sample was rather little. St. John s Co-Cathedral Brief History The St. John s Cathedral is located in the capital metropolis of Malta, Valletta, and it was built by the knights of Malta between 1573 and 1578. It is built on a Baroque manner and it was designed by a Maltese designer called A lormu Cassar. Furthermore, the church was founded by the Knights of St. John and many other Grandmasters, this is why it is called St. John s as it was dedicated to their frequenter, St. John the Baptist. The cathedral is alone due to the field facade it has in contrast with the rich gay temper one finds indoors. It is full of civilization and rich in art as the knights paid for rich creative persons and gave many parts in order to enrich it with the best humanistic disciplines. In fact one finds two celebrated Caravaggio pictures in the Cathedral: The Beheading of St. John the Baptist and St. Jerome Writing. There are besides a batch of Mattia Preti s graphicss ( another Renaissance celebrated creative person ) and in fact he is besides buried in the Co-Cath edral. In add-on, many graves of of import knights are found in the inlaid marble floor of the cathedral therefore it makes the cathedral even more sacred. In the cathedral there are besides chapels to every langue/ nationality of the knights, nine in entire, each dedicated to their saint and with Grandmasters of that nationality buried at that place. In decision, the Cathedral has undergone many Restoration procedures, all done from the money charged from the visitants when sing. As a consequence, at the minute The Crypt of the Grand Masters is closed due to restoration plants in order to protect it. Handiness Analysis The St. John s Co-Cathedral is a really popular site among senior tourers, apart from being a sacred topographic point it is really accessible. The Cathedral is really easy to happen as it is in the chief street of Valletta and it is besides easy accessible by public conveyance as the chief coach end point in Malta is in Valletta. At the entryway of the cathedral there is a incline so those who are wheelchair edge will happen no trouble to come in the cathedral. All around the cathedral there are several benches which might assist those seniors which are less able to stand to rest during their circuit around the cathedral. Furthermore, senior tourers have a benefit when sing this cathedral as there is a particular decrease in monetary value for seniors which helps in doing it more attractive. Senior tourers pay the sum of a‚Â ¬4.60 alternatively of the normal grownup rate of a‚Â ¬6.00. The fee entryway includes besides cusps which one is available at the really beginning of the circuit and other several cusps which are chiefly found within every chapel. An audio usher is besides available and it is available in assorted European linguistic communications such as Maltese, English, Italian, Gallic, German and Spanish. Soon they are traveling to present Russian and Nipponese every bit good and this will assist in holding a wider scope of tourers. The first cusp which is given at the really beginning of the circuit goes manus in manus with the audio usher as on the cusp there is an sound map which fundamentally guides the tourers around the cathedral and museum. Due to the sound usher and leaflets it helps in seeking to extinguish assorted troubles which such seniors might hold. Those seniors with low vision can easy acquire to cognize about this cathedral with the aid of the audio usher. Even those aged with hearing jobs they can easy follow the circuit through the cusps and the notes available on panels on every object, therefore it is really accessible for seniors with different troubles. At the St. John s Co-Cathedral, public toilets for those wheelchair edge are besides available hence, it is a really accessible site as it caters for everybody. At the terminal of the circuit tourers have the chance to purchase keepsakes from the gift store which is on the land floor degree, doing it besides accessible for everyon e, even for those who might non hold managed to do it to the museum upstairs. Restrictions When sing the St. John s Co-Cathedral there is no job to come in as there is a incline at the entryway for those wheelchair bound nevertheless although they can easy entree the cathedral, there are no lifts to suit wheelchair bound tourers to see the museum upstairs. Therefore, senior tourers may hold a disadvantage due to the sum of steps there are to see the museum upstairs which consists of beautiful aggregations of Flemish tapestries, sacred vestments and lighted books. The figure of visitants at the St. John s Co-Cathedral is limited as overcrowding cause injury to the edifice every bit good as its artifacts. As the passageways between one chapel and another are really narrow, these can easy do congestions. They were originally designed for merely one individual individual to go through through them nevertheless as tourers normally come in big groups they tend to travel around the cathedral as a group and this may increase the harm. Tourists have oning heeled places are non allowed to come in the cathedral in order to continue the inlaid marble besides tourers are expected to have on decently when sing the cathedral as it is a topographic point of worship. Photography is allowed in the cathedral nevertheless one must esteem that the usage of flash is out as such flash can easy do harm to the artifacts that surround the cathedral. The country where there is Caravaggio s pictures picture taking is out even without flash. This is besides due to the ha rm that could easy do by clip. Presently at the St. John s Co-Cathedral there are some countries which are non accessible for tourers due to Restorations. Due to these plants tourist s Tourss around the cathedral are limited as non all countries can be visited. The Inquisitor s Palace Brief History The interrogator s castle is found in the bosom of Vittoriosa, which forms portion of the Three Cities. This Palace is one of the few lasting castles from all over Europe, as many other castles have now been destroyed either by clip or by war. Many architectural characteristics inside the edifice are good preserved, and as the lettering alongside the entryway provinces, the castle dates back to the Norman domination, where it was used as a Court of Law. The Inquisitor s Palace was of great importance to the Knights of the Order of St. John, this being the ground that Vittoriosa is an plus for our history, along with other museums in the town. The castle is one of these historic topographic points, which attract many tourers during the twelvemonth, and besides attracts locals who are analyzing or merely interested in the topic. The Inquisitor s Palace was used as the civil tribunal of the Order of St. John during the 1530s and served till the 1571. The first official interrogator to be offered the castle was Pietro Dusina in 1574 and the castle besides served as a muss house during the British regulation. In 1966 the castle was opened for public screening. The castle s chief focal point is the spiritual values in Maltese individuality, particularly as influenced by the Inquisition. Handiness Analysis When sing the Inquisitor s Palace, it is noted that as it was built many old ages ago, it does non hold the luxuries of modern installations. Due to this fact, there is no infinite where these installations can be built such as lifts and inclines. Besides non much can be modified to better the castle s handiness, as by making so the original chef-doeuvre will be lost. This may be a challenge for the aged and impossible for wheelchair edge seniors, to see the major parts of the castle as there are rather a big figure of stepss to mount in and no lifts are available. However in the response country there are cusps available in English where a map is included, this helps the persons non to acquire lost. Numbers and directional marks place every subdivision in the castle, which besides help in orientating oneself in the edifice. Restrictions As there are no lifts available, the tourers has to be fit to get the better of big flights of stepss, were each measure is extremely elevated so tourers have to be really cautious where measure in order to avoid accidents. Besides when sing the prison cells the doors are rather low and it may be hard for senior citizens to flex down and see the inside of the cells. There is besides a complete absence of comfy remainder suites as presently the lone public toilets available are the nomadic lavatories, since some Restoration is being made to the castle. Near each artifact, there are little tablets with brief information on the intent of the point. However the fount of these tablets is rather little, and may be a challenge to read for those seniors whose vision has diminished. However there are besides some boards with big founts that give you the overview of what the tourer is traveling to see. Still there are no audio picture or narrative of what is being seen. The individual in charge of the castle remarked that the lone possible solution for these tourers is to engage a personal guided circuit in order to explicate what they are seeing, as the castle does non offer this installation. When sing the aged with hearing damage the castle does non provide with any installations for these tourers, as there are no cusps that explain what is being seen. The lone cusps available are merely an overview for the general tourer and do non hold any specific inside informations. Besides it was noted that there is no cafeteria or keepsake store at the Palace, which could easy bring forth excess financess for the site. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples. A Brief History Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples are located in Qrendi merely a few metres apart. These consist of two chief temples and were built over 5,000 old ages ago. Hagar Qim temple was excavated in 1839 and Mnajdra temple was found a twelvemonth subsequently in 1840. UNESCO named Hagar Qim and Mnajdra as universe heritage sites in 1992. Accessibility and Restrictions When sing the site it is really easy to make by coach ( route 201 ) , nevertheless this could take a piece. Besides a large parking country is available for managers and for those going with private autos. We talked to some tourer who arrived by coach and said that they found it really easily as the coach Michigan is merely a few metres off from the site. However some said that the journey was rather long. The bulk of the people heard about these temples through the cyberspace, others said that they have heard about the sites from friends and relations and were really funny about the site. The information edifice is easy accessible by a few stairss and for those seniors who have jobs traveling up stepss or in wheelchairs, there is a lift from the parking straight to the information Centre. From here tickets can be bought. Tickets for seniors are discounted to Eur 6.50 signifier Eur 9. The museum is in the same edifice as the information Centre, so it easy accessible. A short cartridge holder is shown before come ining the museum which is really enlightening about what will be seen at the site. The sound is really good and everything can be understood even by some seniors whose hearing has diminished. Seating is provided so everyone particularly seniors appreciate that they can rest during the cartridge holder. In the museum there s a batch of information about the types of stones, how the topographic point was built and a brief history of the sites. Some of the seniors we interviewed found it a spot hard to read the information as the text is written in a little fount and no guided Tourss are available to explicate what s written. Although there are screens with recordings on them, merely two are available and some said that to listen to all the docudrama is rather long. Others found that the samples of stones and other artifacts were rather interesting. The way from the museum to the first temple Hagar Qim, is really smooth and accessible, nevertheless in the temple itself the land is a spot bouldery. Not many of our interviewers complained approximately this as this leaves the temple in its original province. In the temple there are no guided Tourss provided but some found the marks really helpful. Some said that because they came in Tourss a usher was booked and was really helpful as they could inquire inquiries if they could nt read or understand the marks. The distance between Hagar Qim and Mnajdra is about 500m, traveling to Mnajdra is really easy, but traveling back could be rather hard for seniors as the uphill is really steep. Some besides said that they did nt travel to Mnajdra as they were warned by the staff at the information desk about this and bought merely ticket to the first temple. However some said that although they found it a spot hard to travel back up the route, they claimed that it was deserving it. Finding a eating house nearby was extremely appreciated by the people we interviewed. Suggestions and Decision After analyzing and construing informations from the selected sites, there were some issues that should be solved for the interest of the visitants every bit good for the sites better and profitable operation. The followers are some suggestions and possible solutions that could be practiced for the best of the sites. i‚Â · To hold a standard degree of handiness in all the sites. Some sites are really accessible while some are non. For illustration, In St. John Co-Cathedral visitants can do usage of an audio usher and if anyone requires farther information there are rather a good figure of staff whom you can inquire. Here there are besides lavatories for wheel chair bound visitants, on the other manus in the Inquisitor s castle, there are no audio ushers and cusps are merely in Maltese and English. Besides there is a deficiency of staff and the two nomadic lavatories provided are hard for normal people to entree allow alone seniors and wheel chair bound visitants. Therefor all the sites should hold an handiness benchmark. i‚Â · To increase the figure of staff which should be trained and educated to assist tourers with reading. In 2011 there was a diminution of 10 % in full clip employees than the old twelvemonth and the bulk of the full clip employees were classified as other staff which includes clerks, cleaners, security guards etc. ( beginning: NSO, 20 NOV.2012 ) i‚Â · The figure of staff should increase and direction are to supply preparation for first assistance classs. Particularly since senior people are more delicate and more accident prone. Staff should be experienced in how to manage accidents and cover with any incidents. In Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples, there should be more staff available on site in order to assist seniors who are in wheelchairs to travel around the sites particularly traveling to and from Mnajdra temple. i‚Â · To increase the figure of interpretive manners and media, presenting sound and picture ushers and cusps in different linguistic communications. Most of the sites provide cusps but are limited in linguistic communications. Besides a batch of the sites do nt supply any audio usher. Furthermore, the debut of picture ushers will assist visitants who can non see certain parts of the sites, acquire a good thought of the whole premises, particularly seniors. i‚Â · To increase the mark markets. In 2012 one billion tourers crossed international lodgers where China ( 30 % ) and Russia ( 15 % ) was the first two states among the top 10 international markets by outgos ( beginning: UNWTO ) . Most of the heritage sites in Malta cater chiefly for European tourers while China, Russia, Japan, are some possible markets which are non given that much importance. i‚Â · To promote and increase consciousness among the local people about the sites, they should be unfastened to the local citizens at least one peculiar twenty-four hours in a month. If locals learn to appreciate the sites they will promote tourers to see and appreciate the civilization. The local people will urge and promote tourers to see the sites, assist them to happen the sites and the best manner to acquire at that place. In add-on it will besides assist younger coevals to larn about their civilization and history. For case, The Inquisitor s castle was unfastened to the populace on 13th of December 2012 and locals appreciated the chance to see the castle. Date: 5/12/12 University of Malta: Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture Interview Form. Interviewers: DAnastasi Jolene, Zammit Francesca, Sabuj Miah, Anna Vella, Mearaid Ciantar Brown A ; Andreas Cassar Name of the Site: St. John s Co-Cathedral Interviewee: Ms. Catherine Galea Position: Site Assistant Questions: Do seniors see a batch this site? Yes they do in fact it is one of the most sites that aged visit in Valletta. Is there any particular decrease in monetary value for seniors? Yes seniors pay a‚Â ¬4.60 alternatively of a‚Â ¬6.00 to see this site. What does the monetary value include? It includes the visit in the co-cathedral and in the museum and it includes every bit good a free sound circuit. In which languages is the audio circuit available? It is available in Maltese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish and shortly we are traveling to present the Russian and Nipponese linguistic communications excessively. Which nationalities visit largely? They are largely European particularly English, German and Italian tourers. Is it accessible for seniors? There are some stepss which they might happen a spot hard although largely are still really fit and do non mind at all mounting some stepss to see the museum. Is there a lift available for those wheelchair bound? Unfortunately no since we do non hold adequate infinite, but they can still see the Co-Cathedral downstairs as there is a incline in the entryway and issue. Further remarks: In summer we are really busy with many long waiting lines nevertheless during the winter season we will be really quiet. We have many Tourss from twenty-four hours sails which tend to see this site. In fact, the eldest tourer that has visited this site was really on a sail ship sing Malta as one of the Michigan. She was 91 old ages old and she did non mind mounting the stepss to see the Museum upstairs as she was really fit. Therefore, the stepss do non make such a large job for seniors. Date: 17/12/2012 University of Malta: Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture Interview signifier Interviewers: Francesca Zammt, Jolene DAnastasi, SabujMiah, Alexia Lia, Anna Vella, Mearaid Ciantar Brown, Andreas Cassar, Nadia Tabone Name of the site: the Inquisitor s Palace Interviewee: Kenneth Cassar Position: Curator Questions: Do seniors see a batch this site? We do acquire senior visitants but the bulk of the visitants are grownups. Is there any particular decrease in monetary value for seniors? Yes, we have a particular monetary value decrease for seniors. For grownups the entry fee is 6.00eur piece, for the seniors its merely 4.50eur. Make you supply any audio usher? Unfortunately non at the minute, nevertheless right now we are supervising the tourer flow and every bit shortly as we ll pull off to happen a tendency we ll supply audio usher in different linguistic communications harmonizing to the flow. As the panels are merely in English and Maltese do you hold something else in different linguistic communications for those who do non understand such linguistic communication? At the minute no and besides we are non traveling to make full up our walls with the panels. Just to inform you that we are traveling to present excess notes in different linguistic communications which will be available at response but we are still waiting to place the tourer flow. Which nationalities visit the site most? Chiefly European ( British, German, Italian, ) and we besides get Nipponese, Chinese, Russian but comparatively less than the European tourers. Is it accessible for seniors? Yes, in general it is accessible for seniors but for the senior with limited mobility and wheel chair edge, the site is non easy accessible as you can see there are tonss of stepss all over the museum. Furthermore, some seniors besides find it hard to entree the prison cells and anguish room country. But unluckily we ca nt make much about it as we ca nt alter the construction of the edifice. Could you please state us about the hereafter program sing the site installation? We ll upgrade those nomadic lavatories in the garden, we ll set peddling machine and besides we are traveling to put in wireless local area network near the response country. Besides as I said earlier we are traveling to present both audio usher and cusps in different linguistic communications. What about the beginning of fund of the site? The major beginning of the fund is entry fee. However, as the site belongs to heritage Malta and heritage Malta is a authorities organisation, therefore we besides get fund from authorities. Thank you for your clip and grasp. Date: 08/12/2012 University of Malta: Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture Interview signifier Interviewers: Francesca Zammt, Jolene DAnastasi, SabujMiah, Alexia Lia, Anna Vella, Mearaid Ciantar Brown, Andreas Cassar, Nadia Tabone Name of the site: Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples Interviewee: N/A* Position: Receptionist at Information Centre. Questions: Do seniors see a batch this site? Yes they do but they are non the bulk of visitants. Is there any particular decrease in monetary value for seniors? Yes, the monetary value for people aged 60 and over is reduced to 6.50 from 9. Make you supply any guided Tourss? Guided Tourss can merely be provided if they are booked beforehand from Heritage Malta. Which nationalities visit the site most? Largely European ( British, German, Italian ) Is it accessible for seniors? The museum and the first temple, Hagar Qim is really accessible nevertheless we ve had ailments about the route to the 2nd temple, Mnajdra. Due to this we started reding seniors to purchase tickets for the first temple merely. What about the beginning of fund of the site? The major beginning of the fund comes from the entryway fee. Besides Heritage Malta provides financess which are given by the authorities. *interviewee wanted to stay anon. .

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Commonly Confused Words Diagnosis and Prognosis

Commonly Confused Words Diagnosis and Prognosis The words  diagnosis and prognosis are commonly (though not exclusively) used in the medical field. Both terms contain the root word gnosis, which means knowledge. But  diagnosis and prognosis refer to different kinds of knowledge or information. Definitions The noun diagnosis refers to the process of analyzing information to understand or explain something. The plural of diagnosis is diagnoses. The adjective form is diagnostic. The noun prognosis means a forecast or predictiona judgment about what is likely to occur in the future. The plural of prognosis is prognoses. In the medical field, diagnosis relates to identifying and understanding the nature of a disease or disorder, while a prognosis  is a prediction of the probable outcome of a disease or disorder. Examples Medical researchers are examining strategies for the early diagnosis of Alzheimers disease.A simple 15-minute brain scan could help doctors diagnose people* with  autism  by identifying structural differences in their brains. Scientists say the scans would speed up what is currently a long and emotional diagnostic procedure and allow the identification of at-risk children more rapidly.​(Alok Jha, Autism Can Be Diagnosed With Brain ScanStudy. The Guardian [UK], August 10, 2010)* See usage notes below.  The prognosis for continued and sustainable improvements in human well-being on a transformed planet Earth is, at best, guarded.​(W.C. Clark et al., Science for Global Sustainability.  Earth System Analysis for Sustainability, ed. by Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber et al. MIT Press, 2004)Our task was to  learn all that was known  about the natural history of disease so that we could make an accurate diagnosis and a reasonably probabilistic prognosis.  That done, ou r function as doctors  would be to enlist the best possible nursing care, explain matters to the patient and family, and stand by.​(Lewis Thomas, The Fragile Species. Touchstone, 1996) Usage Notes The distinguishing  difference between diagnosis and prognosis  is that prognosis implies the prediction of a future state. Thus, to accomplish prognosis requires both diagnostic and predictive tools, the former to sense the current state of damage and the latter to predict the future state based on projected usage and applicable life-prediction routines.​(Materials Damage Prognosis, ed. by James M. Larsen et al., 2005)  The disease, not the patient, is diagnosed. Do not write She was diagnosed with cancer. But also avoid stilted constructions like this: She was given a diagnosis of cancer. Consider simpler alternatives: She learned she had cancer. Tests showed she had cancer. Her doctor told her she had cancer.(Allan M. Siegal and William G. Connolly, The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, 5th ed. Three Rivers Press, 2015)Lurie 1927 disapproves of using the verb diagnose with a person as its object, even though there is often no other way of avoiding a stilted se ntence. . . . [W]e believe that it is more frequently found in speech than in writing. However, the usefulness of this sense of diagnose is manifest, and its use in writing may well increase.(Merriam-Websters Dictionary of English Usage, 1994) Practice (a) When the ships engine wouldnt start, the chief engineer offered a _____ of the problem.(b) The gloomy _____ for jobs and incomes in the coming year sent stock prices falling. Answers to Practice Exercises (a) When the ships engine wouldnt start, the chief engineer offered a  diagnosis  of the problem.(b) The gloomy  prognosis  for jobs and incomes in the coming year sent stock prices falling.

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5 marketing questions ( please use relatively marketing concepts) Essay

5 marketing questions ( please use relatively marketing concepts) - Essay Example ey are planning to buy not only for the producers, but also from the general public, people they know and those who are total strangers (Kozinets, De Valck, Wojnicki & Wilner 2010, p. 74). Some of these people who have previously used the product or service in question can give important information that might be useful for decision makings. In online communities the quality of information that is availed to consumers is very essential. Despite the fact that online communities can be important to consumers because of the fact that they get the information from fellow consumer, the marketing department of certain products and services usually have very little say about the quality of information that is communicated to consumers. This can be said to be a weakening factor to marketing departments globally (Cheung, Lee & Rabjohn 2008, p. 232). As days go by, the power of giving information that influence decision making on products and services is gradually moving from the hands of marketing departments to the hands of consumers. Given the fact that online consumer communities influence the choice of consumers of on which products or services to consume, marketers should be cautious of this shift of power. By this awareness they should at making greater use of online consumer communities to affect the consumption of their products and services (Clarke & Flaherty 2005, p. 88). One thing that they should have in mind is that whenever targeting online communities of consumer, they should take into consideration the fact that the effectiveness of the use of these communities always differs by culture (Hennig†Thurau, Gwinner, Walsh & Gremler 2004, p. 44). For instance, a research that was carried out in the difference in the use of online consumer communities between individualism communities and communism communities, it was discovered that they were more effective in the communist countries. It is undeniable that the shift of power for product promotion is shifting